Why are MazumaGo emails going to spam/junk?

Why am I (or someone in my network) not receiving MazumaGo emails?

We recommend checking your spam or junk folder before reaching out to our support team. There are various reasons that could cause an email to end up in your spam or junk folder. 

Tips to increase deliverability for you and/or suppliers or contacts:

  • Check your spam/junk folder. Mark MazumaGo emails as "not spam".
  • Add MazumaGo email addresses to your email contacts and sender safe list 
    • transactions@mazumago.com
    • support@mazumago.com
    • notifications-noreply@mazumago.com
    • notifications@mazumago.com
  • If company IT restrictions are filtering out MazumaGo emails, ask your IT department to allow emails from @mazumago.com 


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