What is the billing process?

Find out when and how you are billed for transaction fees.

Monthly Billing

MazumaGo billing happens on a monthly basis. An invoice is issued on the first of every month, for the previous month’s transaction fees.

We do not withdraw funds for individual transactions. Transaction fees are only paid by MazumaGo account holders, never customers or suppliers of yours. 

For details on the transaction fee structure, please view this article.

Billing Account

Funds are withdrawn from your primary bank account on MazumaGo (billing account). To change your billing account, go to 'Settings' and select 'Billing' on your dashboard.

Click 'Update Billing Account' and select your desired account. To add a new bank account, follow these instructions.

Billing Summary & Invoice

You will receive a monthly billing summary via email. You can view and download invoices for each month on your dashboard. 

To access your invoices online, go to 'Settings' and select 'Billing'.

Click on the desired month at the bottom of the screen to see monthly details and download a PDF version of your invoice.


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