What is MazumaGo and what can I use it for?

Simple and secure no-limit payments for Canadian businesses.

MazumaGo is a Canadian-based financial services company providing a simple solution to securely transfer business payments without transfer limits.

With MazumaGo, businesses can

  • send payments to suppliers,
  • collect payments from customers,
  • set up recurring transactions and
  • transfer funds between internal accounts at different banks.

Payments are securely processed via ACH bank transfers and can be tracked in real-time. 

MazumaGo is supported by all Canadian banks and credit unions.

View more info about our security protocols here

Can I send money to the U.S. or internationally? 

Currently, we only support CAD transactions. We will launch USD payments in 2022. 

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Can I use MazumaGo for personal transactions?

Sorry, MazumaGo can only be used for business accounts and transactions. 

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