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Introducing MazumaGo to your customers

MazumaGo Client - Customer Templates

Example Email 1

“Hi ____,

[YOUR COMPANY NAME] has recently partnered with a new payment system called MazumaGo to make paying your invoices much easier.  It works similarly to an eTransfer but with no limits and added security.  All you have to do is click the unique payment link included in your invoice and process the payment directly with your online bank account.  Note that the process is 100% secure and we won’t have any access to your banking information.  

I've attached a PDF with more information.

All the best,


Example Email 2

"To our valued clients,

[YOUR COMPANY NAME] has recently implemented a new payment system to make it easier for our customers to process their invoices.  The company we are partnering with is called MazumaGo; they process no-limit transactions in a similar format to eTransfers with added security.

As our client, you will now receive a unique payment link in your invoice.  Simply click on that payment link to be brought to our payment page where you can log in to your online banking and pay the invoice directly from your bank account.  You do not need to sign up for MazumaGo and you won’t be charged for accepting any payment requests.

The process is 100% secure - MazumaGo is a registered money services business based in Victoria, BC and they are regulated by FINTRAC and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  Additional details on their security protocols can be found here.

Don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

All the best,



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