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How to make a payment with saved bank details

Expedite your MazumaGo payment experience by retrieving your saved bank details.

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How to make a payment with your saved bank account details

  1. To make a payment with your saved bank details, click 'Accept Request' in the MazumaGo email notification that you received. 
  2. Review the payment details, then click 'Pay request now'
  3. To complete the transaction with your saved account from a previous MazumaGo payment, click 'Get my saved payment details'.
  4. Enter the mobile number or email that you used to save your bank account details, then click 'Send confirmation code'. For added security, we will then send you a confirmation code to verify your account. 
    Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 12.19.25 PM
  5. Enter your confirmation code, then click 'Enter confirmation code'. If you did not receive your confirmation code after 30 seconds, click 'Resend confirmation code'
  6. You will now be able to view the bank accounts that you previously saved. To continue, click on the account that you want to use to pay the request. 
  7. Review the payment details, agree to the terms and conditions of the transaction, then click 'Pay now'
  8. Your transaction will now be initiated. You can track the payment in real-time by clicking 'Track your payment'. You will also be sent an email notification with a tracking link that you can access and review at any time. 

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