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How to introduce your customers and contacts to MazumaGo

Why is introducing MazumaGo to your contacts important?

NOTE: You can download a summary of this guide here.

When using MazumaGo, you will often be asking your customers to process payments using the MazumaGo payment page. Understandably, we have found some of our client's customers require some additional encouragement to use and trust MazumaGo with their high-value payments.

We recommend you share some basic information about MazumaGo.

How to introduce MazumaGo to your customers and contacts

Here is a simple strategy to help your customers better understand what MazumaGo is, why you trust us, and why they can feel confident paying you with the platform:

  1. Introduce MazumaGo with a paragraph in your invoice emails or invoice notes
  2. Provide your customers with access to our Help Center
  3. Share our security protocols.


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