How to add a bank account via 'Manual Entry'

If your bank is not supported for the 'Login online' feature, or if you prefer not to use this option, you can set-up your bank account manually by entering routing information.

Setting up your bank account manually by entering routing information

Please note: If you use the 'Manual Entry' option, you will need to confirm ownership of the bank account through micro-deposits. This process usually takes 1 business day to complete.

How to set up your bank account via 'Manual Entry'

  1. Select 'Settings' on the left-hand side of the navigation menu and then 'Bank accounts'  

  2. Click ‘Add Bank Account’ in the top right corner of the Bank Accounts page and then select 'Manual Entry' on the modal.

  3. Fill in the information on the form as provided on a void cheque/direct deposit form (see image below) provided by your bank and click 'Add Account'

    For more info on routing numbers, view the following articles:
    - Where can I find my routing information?
    What if my transit no. is only 4 digits?

  4. Confirm ownership of your account through micro-deposits:
    Once you complete the manual entry form, we will send 2 deposits between $0.01 and $0.99 to the account you added.
    Follow these instructions to confirm the micro-deposits.


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