How can I add a second bank account for my contact?

If your contact wants payments deposited into separate bank accounts, you can invite them to add another bank account under the same contact - no need to set-up a new contact. 

Adding multiple bank accounts for the same supplier

  1. Click the ''Contacts tab on your dashboard at the top of the screen. 
    Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 2.47.28 PM

  2. Click on '+ Payment', then click 'Send'.
     Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 5.08.46 PM

  3. Choose the recipient from the dropdown menu. Fill in the amount you want to send, and various other payment details, then click 'Next Step'Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 5.10.08 PM
  4. Select the account that you want to send funds from the dropdown or click '+Add New'. Then click 'Next Step'.
     Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 5.11.57 PM

  5. To add a second bank account for your contact, when selecting where to deposit the funds, choose 'Let recipient decide', then click 'Next Step'

  6. Once you have reviewed the transaction details and created the payment request on the next page, your contact will receive an email where they will be given the ability to add a new bank account where they can receive their funds. 


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