How can I add a bank account?

You can add a bank account by logging in with your online banking credentials or by entering routing information.

There are two options for you to set-up a bank account:

Option 1: Online Login

  • If your bank supports single sign-on, you can simply connect your account by logging in with your online banking credentials.
  • Note: Not all supported banks are displayed below - try to search your institution using the search bar. You can find a list of all supported institutions here
  • If you cannot find your institution, please use option 2: Digital Cheque.
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> How to set up a bank account via "Online Login"

Option 2: Digital Cheque

Bank accounts can also be added by entering routing information manually. You can find your routing info on a void cheque or direct deposit form provided by your bank. You can find further instructions on where to find your routing info here.
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> How to set-up a bank account via 'Digital Cheque'


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