Can I send money to the U.S. or internationally? 

Accept U.S. Card Payments

Requesting money from the U.S. as a Canadian user

As a Canadian user of MazumaGo, you are able to accept U.S. credit card payments. 

To do so, simply send a payment request to the person you would like to collect money from. When they click on the payment link, they are able to pay the request by entering their U.S. credit card information. 

Please note: This feature only works for U.S. credit cards, not U.S. bank accounts.

Sending money to the U.S. from Canada

Unfortunately, you are not able to send money from Canada to the U.S. through MazumaGo at this point

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MazumaGo for U.S. companies

To sign up for MazumaGo as a U.S. based company, visit 

International payments

MazumaGo does not support international payments outside of the U.S. and Canada.