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Can I accept credit card payments?

Give your customers an easier way to pay invoices with credit card transactions ­- at no extra cost to you.

Accepting payment via credit card with MazumaGo

To accept a credit card payment, send a request for payment to one of your contacts via the 'Payments' section of the MazumaGo dashboard. 

When your contact receives the request, they will be given the option to pay by connecting their bank account or by credit card. 

If your contact (the payor) chooses to pay by credit card, they will incur a 3.5% service charge on the payment. You (the payee) will not be charged any extra fees for the transaction

This means that you can now give your customers an easier way to pay invoices at no added cost to you. 

Find more information on how to complete payments via credit card here

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