How to add a bank account via 'Enter routing info'

Setting up your bank account manually by entering routing information

If your bank is currently not supported for the 'Login online' feature, or if you prefer not to use this option, you can set-up your bank account manually by entering routing information.

How to set up your bank account via 'Enter routing info'

  1. Click the 'Bank Accounts'  tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard

2. Click  ‘New’ on the top right corner of the Bank Accounts page and select 'Enter routing info'.

3. Fill in the information on the form as provided on a void cheque/direct deposit form (see image below) provided by your bank and click ' Add Account'

You can find your routing information on a cheque as indicated below:

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  1. Once the bank connection is completed, we will email you a copy of your PAD (Pre Authorized Debit Agreement). The first account you connect will be used for your monthly MazumaGo billing.
  2. Congrats! You can get started with your first transaction:

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