How can I add a bank account?

Setting up your bank account

Note: Before you can make your first transaction, you need to add at least one bank account to your MazumaGo profile. You can later add as many bank accounts as you want.

There are two options for you to set-up a bank account:

Option 1: Online Login

  • If your bank supports single sign-on, you can simply connect your account by logging in with your online banking credentials.
  • Note: Not all supported banks are displayed below - try to search your institution using the search bar. You can find a list of all supported institutions here
  • If you cannot find your institution, please use option 2: Manual Entry.


--> How to set up a bank account via "Online Login"

Option 2: Manual Entry

  • Bank accounts can also be added by entering routing information manually. You can find your routing info on a void cheque or direct deposit form provided by your bank. You can find further instructions on where to find your routing info here.
  • To do so, you require the following information (see illustration below):
    • Institution number
    • Transit number
    • Account number

--> Step-by-step instructions on how to set-up a bank account via 'Enter routing info'

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